November 14th, 2007


So here's how it goes, guys.

一 Get back to me about whether you're coming to my house tomorrow. So far all I have for sure is Arielle and Ami. ♥

二Those of us who are cool enough not to go to the senior social, we need to make plans for the senior antisocial. XD;;; That's me, Ami, Sarah, Fumika, and Sempai so far, right?

三I would very muchly like images of Ouran. These images can be screenshots, but I would prefer pairing fanart (or non-pairing, I suppose. ^^; ) As probably obvious, my ships are Hitachiincest, MoriHani, and KyouyaTamaki. Anyone who gives me images gets an icon of their choice made for them! One icon per every 3 images, you can specify fandom, characters, pairing, quote, or whatever you like (though I may need you to give me the image you want, too. ^^;;) Thanks muchly!

四Anyone want to help me hardcore with my Ethan Frome thing? ;;

Tis all!