December 9th, 2007


Multi (or is it pan?) fandom

So, I've gotten a lot of positive responses for a multifandom (panfandom?) livejournal RP. Now, down to the nitty-gritty: what does everyone want to do? We need a plot after all. So far, we've been thinking of calling it "poignation" XD;; But we still need to decide on the setup and all. We've had the suggestion of a (haunted) boardinghouse in the English countryside, at which all the characters would be staying for different reasons, but I'm still open for suggestions. So let me know what you think!

Another matter: I'm perfectly willing to be a mod again and set everything up and run everything, or whatever, but is there anyone else who wants to co-mod? Let me know if you want to, and after I set everything up, I'll set you up as a co-mod and fill you in on everything, okay? <3

Yay. X3; I'm quite excited about this.

[EDIT] So, I just thought of another thing we have to touch on: magic or no magic? I'm leaning towards no (that means, in a general sense, real-world setting, no magic powers or monsters), but let me know how you guys feel.

And, since I posted it, but didn't really touch on it, the requirements for modding are basic knowledge of html, good organizational skills, and a lot of time and commitment :D;;

Where have you been?

It's all over now, all over. Completely, the end. Never again will I dance Snow, Waltz of the Flowers. My one lead is the material for dust and moths and will be faded and wrinkled around the edges until entirely forgotten.

I lost it on stage. Started crying. It's hard to believe the defining event of my life for the past ten years is officially at its end.