March 19th, 2008



Fun with Ouran High School Host Club by Scout
Your Name?
Fav Person?
Haruhi decides to shop at Walmart. Your reaction?
Hikaru proposes that youPlay with the automatic doors.
But Kaoru says he'd rather have youRide those little electronic cars at the front of the store.
You decide to go withBoth of them. X3
TamakiBegged you to go see the new Harry Potter movie with them.
HaruhiHad naughty mind fantasies about you.
KyouyaBeat up your best friend. [o_o']
HikaruAsked you to join the twin's act for a day.
KaoruPoked Nekozawa in the eye.
HunnyCalled your parents and told them you were in huge trouble, just as a joke.
MoriSpoke a bit more than a paragraph.
Everyone overall liked you this much
You ended up going out withTamaki
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