August 5th, 2008


Happy 8/5/08

Well, V is coming today, which is enough of a celebration for me, but for everyone else, I wrote a little something!

Also, a poll question: Can you see Gojyo calling Hakkai "baby"? Please leave me an answer if you would, it's something I see in fandom half the time, and I've always been on the fence about it. XD;

But now. On to the fic.

Title: Sweet Dreams

Disclaimer: They're Minekura-sensei's, a fact for which I am glad XD;

Rating: PG

Warnings: BL, fluff, minor angst and Gojyo says "damn" once...

Author's note: I just wanted to write a cute little fluff for 85 day... even though this is more 58ish. Oh well! XD; Nothing too hardcore, I just wanted something to make the reader's teeth rot without leaving a sticky aftertaste!

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