August 15th, 2008


Bus Gamer!

Watched the Bus Gamer anime today (it's really short, only 3 episodes... because, apparently, all of Minekura's works save Saiyuki market TERRIBLY), and I have to say, as with anything else Minekura, I'm hooked. Which, in hindsight, really sucks, because there ISN'T any more, so I can never find out any of the deep dark secrets or anything like that. XP;; Damn you, Minekura. But I really liked it, and, as predicted, Mishiba is my favourite character. V was right, however, their personalities are very close to Saiyuki (Mishiba being Sanzo, Nakajyo being Gojyo, and Saitou, of course, being Goku... no Hakkai u___u;)... and of Minekura's works, this was the least ay, also upsetting. I feel like 1) the manga is probably gayer and 2) if it had gone on longer, the relationship between Mishiba and Nakajyo would probably have been developed further, but alas, it's hard to add Minekura's signature "_______ being gay" suffix to the description of this anime... o me miseram.

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Also amusing: in episode 2, there's a little homage to Saiyuki. The main police detective, Keiko Ichinomiya, is taking out her anger on an arcade game which turns out to be a Saiyuki fighting game. She plays Gojyo, and takes out Kougaiji first before losing to Chin Yisou. It turns out that Saitou is playing Chin Yisou... don't know what that says about him. XD;; Afterwards they have a little conversation about using the shakujou. I was rather amused by this.

ALSO. If you were on the fence about watching it, you should also know that Mishiba is voiced by Suzumura Kenichi, Hitachiin Hikaru in Ouran, Nakajyo is voice by Suwabe Junichi, Keigo Atobe in Prince of Tennis, and Saitou is voice by Takahashi Hiroki, Kikumaru Eiji also in Prince of Tennis. I bet THAT won you over, right? XD;;

Hm.... someone should make more Minekura Caramelldansen. XD;;;
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