August 19th, 2008



This... is amusing. I wonder about that second thing there, though... as in WHAT THE HELL? XD;;;

The SEME or UKE Quiz
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You scored as The Optimistic UKE

You are the kindest, most sweet, and cutest of all UKE kind. This is not really a bad thing, actually it's very good. You may be the lowest level of UKE but you are also the happiest and most adorable. You are often a fan of things you can snuggle with and cartoons will never grow boring for you. You smile a lot and nothing ever seems to get you down which makes you a great match for the Gentle SEME. Be warned, though, my Uke-friend.. rough times await you if a Homicidal SEME lingers too close. You would do well to befriend a Sorrowful UKE as I'm sure your happy-go-lucky attitude will balance out their depression. On my last note I will say that ropes, whips, and chains aren't your fancies even if they are tempting - I'd stick to just the simple stuff if I were you.

The Optimistic UKE


The Breaker SEME


The Gentle SEME


The Sorrowful UKE


The Devilish UKE


The Homicidal SEME


In other news, I read the best Sanzo-getting-molested fic... if Sanzo/Hazel, Ukoku/Sanzo, and mentions of Ukoku/Hazel, Koumyou/Ukoku, and Koumou/Kouryuu is up your alley, you absolutely need to read this!
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More fic

More fic... because I have a lot of time on my hands! PLEASE READ THIS NOTE: The second fic is a companion to the first! The first can be read alone, but the second doesn't really stand without the first. Please read them in order if you read them both! Thank you~

Title: End of Summer

Disclaimer: They're Minekura's, not mine.

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Character death, BL, Tokitoh's bad words

Author's Note: Well... it had to be done sooner or later, right?

Collapse )

Title: Without Moving On

Disclaimer: Minekura's emo kids are Minekura's.

Rating: PG

Warnings: Character death, mentions of BL, dialoge-fic ... etc.

Author's Note: A companion to "End of Summer"... just because.

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Hopefully hopefully hopefully Bus Gamer fic still to come... Yay me going through all of Minekura's works and just fic-ing them up... XD;;;


My Fanfiction Archive has been edited!


If you haven't read my older stuff, please look at the date before you read something. My old stuff is really bad! I don't want people thinking that's how bad I am now... XD;;;;
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