August 20th, 2008


Bus Gamer fic~

As promised! The Bus Gamer fic that's been rolling around in my head for the past week or so. Seeing as there's only one volume available for me to read, it's a bit cliche and a bit drabbly, but I hope everyone will still enjoy!

Title: Chance Meetings

Disclaimer: Minekura owns (and better continue) Bus Gamer

Rating: PG

Warnings: BL, Nakajyo's bad mouth

Author's Note: I really want to see how this pairing goes when Minekura continues... since it's obvious that's the pairing she wants from her art. XD; This is my little nudge in that direction... Hopefully it's somewhere near what Minekura had in mind!

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In other news, does anyone want to do some sort of email or aim RP with me involving Hazel? Because I'm still in that Hazelicious mood. *shrug* I guess I can write more fanfiction... but I have a nagging desire to RP him. It'll help, I guess that my Nii-mun is back from hiatus on nonstop_journey~! [Btw, if you want to do a Saiyuki RP, that's a good place! :D Please please please check it out?]