August 27th, 2008



Um... so today was my last day home. So.... that warrants a random, rambling post. Why do I feel the need to do this all of a sudden? Maybe because my diary's packed x_____x;;;

Anyway. Started the day with mini-bagels with Scary Mary and shopping for random shit... Got laundry detergent, nail polish remover, CDs, erasers... and other random crap. I also got some nail decals from the dollar store because I was amused by them, starting today's epic nail polish attempt. Amusingly enough, as I walked into the dollar store, What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flats started to play on the radio... XD;; I then got my last Dunkin Donuts (the lady knew my order because I went there so much when I was working camp) with one of the coupons I got when I went there once or twice a week and went home to finish packing.

I then painted my nails, fed my sister, and set off to dance, but not before ruining two and a half of my nails while getting changed.

Had my last ballet class at the studio for however long... TT____TT;; in prep for my auditions monday. Of course, I was looking for a nice classical class and Amphuphiphifafi decided to do her strange semi-contemporary weird stuff. But that's okay. I said goodbye to her, as well as to a bunch of other people who I've danced with for a while, and headed home (late, seeing as she decided to run class 15 minutes late because she arrived 15 minutes late). Got to dinner with my dad late, but my sister decided she liked Indian food, so that was an achievement, at least (this makes sense if you know my sister...)

Got home, rush packed more stuff, packed the car. Got a bike lock for my bike. Finished my nails, and, if you'd care to see the finished product:
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Then watched Murder She Wrote until now.

So, to make this post actually worthwhile to anyone besides me (because no one really cares about all that, let's be honest), let me present:
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Also, I hear that yomimashou met up with Aki. Hee.

Right hurr right hurr

I'm at college, chillin' in my room with my homie webeki.

That is, I've made it to college, have unpacked, and am currently in my dorm with my roommate, webeki.

Pictures will come tomorrow. For now, I'm really tired...
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