September 2nd, 2008



Customs week is FINALLY done, thank god, and now I'm chillin like a villain in my room waiting for my class, which is at 6:30 XD;; I'm supposed to go buy stuff with Arielle at some point, and have dinner...

Parade night is also tonight. I hope I don't die XD; Wish me luck!

Um... this post was pointless. Sorry y'all. I hope to get some actual iconmaking and fic-writing done at some point... XP;

Keep your eyes, peeled, too, for chapter 25!

Parade night

It was a lot less wet than I was expecting...

But good. The end was really sweet, it made the sitting around on the hard ground worth it, I think. And since I got a booklet and our group's lyrics and a glow stick, I have all the memorabilia XD;; I feel initiated into the cult like for real now, and also very sick of the Bryn Mawr chant XD;;

Still. I really like it here.