September 20th, 2008



Dance Party was super fun last night. Wish I could have stayed longer, but it's probably better that I left when I did... When I got back, I could barely breathe, and when I got up this morning, I couldn't talk because I was so hoarse from yelling XD;; Still, it was awesomely fun... I hope they have another soon!

Finished my paper on Plato and Lord of the Flies... Now I just have to look over and edit it... I think it's pretty all right, though, if a little redundant. Then again, the professor said that it was better to be redundant than to lose the reader, so. Yay. I'm basically done.

Now, to memorize me some Japanese... Got an email from Koike-sensei that said we had to know all the katakana by tuesday. -_____-;;; She closed it with "Katakana is fun!" though, which was about the cutest thing ever, so I'm not so angry... XD;;; I still hope the thing with Kobayashi-sensei [who will from here forward be referred to as "Kobasen"... because I'm too much of a geek not to XD] wasn't graded... -___-;; I made such a fool of myself. Funny that she's from Hockessin, too, though... haha.

Have to buy tickets tomorrow for NYAF... Cosplay's going to be awesome though! not looking forward to ballet ensemble tomorrow morning. That dance is like an acid trip or something...

Have been listening to the new Minekura music nonstop... lulz.