September 24th, 2008


In Saiyuki related news:

Yesterday night, in the fucking three hour dance lecture that makes me want to die a little App to Dance, there was a presentation on Chinese traditional dance, and there was a dance about Xiyouji. XD;; No one knew what it was, but I was giggling...

Also, THIS. hkjhdjakshdaskdhaskd

Thirdly... I want to write something Saiyuki, but I don't know what to write. The Hakkai-racism fic is still tumbling around in my head but not forming anything solid/keeps trying to become cliche and then I refuse to write it, so... any other requests/ideas?

Lastly... I think I might try to read Gaiden now......... even if it hurts my little brain.

Gaiden icons!

Well, because I randomly started reading the end of Gaiden recently, which happened to be at like, the saddest part ever, I decided to make a few icons to commemorate a recent death. That being said: This post contain VAGUE spoilers for Chapter 30 of Gaiden. It's not so huge of a deal, considering it's common Gaiden knowledge that the main characters die (I mean, how else would they be reincarnated as the Sanzo-ikkou? XD) but if you're a stickler, don't look.

That being said:

[15] Gaiden
[4] Tenpou
[2] Kenren
[1] Goku
[1] Seiten Taisei
[1] Konzen & Goku
[5] 10K
[1] Kazuya Minekura

Collapse )

-Text for 3-9 is from Gaiden Chapter 30
-15 is a self portrait included with a comment from the author in Chapter 30 XD;

-Credit me if you take any :D;
-Don't hotlink~
-Don't edit. Textless icons aren't bases!
-Comment! Not necessary but loved to death.
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