September 25th, 2008


Saiyuki lulz

So, in "AIM FOR IT! BEST IN THE WORLD!" which is the little omake in book 9, I was looking at the charts for the fights, and was amused to find that in the 3rd to last round, Hakkai defeats someone named "Furedo" [writted in katakana].

Haha. Take that, Fred. Hakkai beat yo ass. XD;;;;

I'm done.
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I wanna see SaiyuMyu T^T; So I made icons of it XD; Wishful thinking...

[7] Saiyuki Musical
[2] Kougaiji
[2] Sanzo-ikkou
[1] Sanzo
[1] Nii Jianyi
[1] Sanzo & Goku

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2) Guess the lyrics. I dare you. XD;
7) Guess the quote. I dare you. XD;;

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