December 18th, 2008


4th time doing this meme, I think XD;

Well, considering last time, it was after like, chapter 3, and Donavan wasn't even in it XD;;;

1) Dragomir Hirlea
2) Perceval Rousseau
3) Niecphore Colville
4) Bastien Holtcombe
5) Ernest Lawley
6) Vivien Holtcombe
7) Julian Kaiser
8) Niles Christian
9) Donavan D'Aubigne
10) Jaques Devereux
11) Faustino Esparanza
12) Algernon Mauvais

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I ought to do work now.
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I know I just did one of these, but...

Copy and paste the first four questions into your journal, then write six of your own to find out who on your friends list knows you well!

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1) What's my name? (Nickname will do. ^^; )
2) How old am I?
3) What colour is my hair?
4) What colour are my eyes?

5) What is the name of the 'cult' I'm in?
6) Who is in the 'cult' with me?
7) What is my second middle name?
8) What are my (tentative) majors?
9) What drug does my cat take?
10) What is my favourite pairing in the story V and I have written?