January 2nd, 2009



This is short, but amusing... considering it's made of KAIBA AWESOME.

That is all. XD

[EDIT] This as well. It's not great, but it's cute. XD; It's sad they didn't have Kuwa-chan dance.

[EDIT 2] This is cruddy, but the art is too damn cute to resist XD

[EDIT 3] This also, but I haven't figured out what anime it's parodying yet...

[EDIT 4] This too. Wow, a lot more Japanese people support the same pairings as me than I thought. XD;;;

I need to stop doing this... XD;

This is very amusing. XD;;; Atobe is my favourite personally... just because half of Hyoutei is watching him XD

This is super cute!! I wish the quality was better so that I could make graphics out of it... u___u

This has poorly cut music, but OH GOD is Gakuto cute X3;

This is the same theme as one of the Yuugiou ones from yesterday, but with Gakuto and Oshitari. AND I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT ANIME IT'S FROM. THIS IS BOTHERING ME A LOT. Just fyi. But it's really really cute, so you should watch it.

This is cute, but I'm far too lazy right now to try to figure out what anime it's from...

Haha, look what I found XD O WAIT!!! IT'S A DIFFERENT PERFORMANCE THAN THE ONE WE SAW!! Because Gakuto plays tennis racquet guitar and now violin, and his hips are not nearly so fabulous! :OOO

SaiyuMyu icons

Well, I know these are really really old, but I FINALLY got them done! Please enjoy!

[40] Saiyuki Musical
[3] Sanzo-ikkou
[3] Sanzo
[6] Goku
[4] Gojyo
[8] Hakkai
[2] Botatsu
[2] Jiroushin
[3] Kougaiji
[3] Dokugakuji
[4] KouDoku
[2] Nii

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