January 8th, 2009


More Kaiba icons!

LOL I need to stop sometime soon XD;;;

But O HAI GAIZ I used some new lyrics!!

[21] Yuugiou
[4] Kaiba Seto
[2] Kaiba Mokuba
[11] Seto & Mokuba ♥
[4] Yu-gi-oh! The Abridged Series

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Guess what this post is about.

My icon is really inappropriate for this XD;; Seto would die to see this icon, actually. So uh. Oops XD;;;

Title: Just as Good as Yesterday

Disclaimer: Mokuba's dashing outfit is mine. Everything else is Takahashi's. XD;

Rating: PGish? It turned out tamer than I was originally planning XD;;

Warnings: Uh? Incest if you really squint?

Author's Note: I've written a few fics with a very bleak outlook for Mokuba... I decided it was high time I gave him a happy future, instead. XD; This is set six years after the end of Yuugiou Duel Monsters.

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