January 13th, 2009


Because I love them.

Those of you who put up with my strangeness on a regular basis may have noticed that, in my writings, I have invented two friends for Mokuba to spend time with at school (because, you know, Seto doesn't let Mokuba have friends otherwise. XD;) These friends have grown on me over time, and, because I love them so, I have FINALLY given them appearances! I think I might give them something along the lines of their own story sometime soon XD;;; But anyway, if you care:

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Bet you weren't expecting something so detailed with gaia avatars, were you? XD;;

ALSO. I got some bangin' kids' fake uggs. YOSH.
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You knew it was coming.


[13] YYH
[2] Yusuke
[2] Kuwabara
[2] Hiei
[4] Kurama
[1] Kurama & Otouto
[1] Kurama & Hiei

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Note: Some of these images were fucking terrible, so sorry that some of these are full of suck. I did so so so much work on the one of Kurama and his brother and they still kind of look like lepers. Sorry about that.

[Edit] LOL in episode 14, Kurama is like Hiei's mom. He's all "Don't fight, Hiei," or "It's not the time, now, Hiei," and stuff. Lulz.

[Edit 2] Aww, Hiei and Kurama are like. Cutely flirting in episode 15. Or, it's more like, Kurama is cutely flirting and Hiei is like "btw gaiz Kurama is full of awesomez." XD;; Still, Kurama saying "So, be my guest, from anywhere you like" ["Saa, doko kara ni douzo" I think...] is really suggestive. XD;;;;

[EDIT 3] Oh, I forgot to mention. Doesn't Kurama's otouto look like Oishi? XD;; It's coincidental, since Kurama's brother's name is Shuuichi, and Oishi's first name is Shuuichirou, right? XD;;; It's a small world.
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I was going to just keep making edits to the other entry, but the sexual nature of Episode 15 needs its own post.

This is cut for spoilers and images. Because screencaps and some recaps of quotes and stuff are included.

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Note: There's probably going to be a thousand edits under the cut, so. XD;; Don't say I didn't warn you.

Also, this version of Anbaransu na Kiss wo Shite is made of fail. I hate the way they redid the instrumental score.
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