January 26th, 2009


病院に行きました. . .

Well, today was excited. And when I say exciting, I mean spent mostly in healthcare providing offices.

This morning at 8:30, I went to put my contact in, and, lo and behold, it got caught under my eyelid. Ouch. But, this had happened to me before, so, without panicing, after going to Japanese in pain, I hopped the blue bus back to Bryn Mawr to go to the health centre.

Now, before, when I went to the Health Centre with this issue, they flushed my eye, inverted the eyelid, popped the contact out, and life was all good and happy. But this time, they flailed around and couldn't figure out how to invert my eyelid, so, instead of finding the nurse who could last time, they forced me to go to Bryn Mawr General Hospital. YAY. They wanted me to go to the emergency room first and I was like HELLS NO so I went to some of Printmaking then came back and let them take me to the eye doctor at the hospital for a 3:00 appointment.

After sorting out various insurance issues, I filled out forms and waited in the lobby of the optometrist's office for a good forty-five minutes. When I FINALLY got called back, some obnoxious patronizing optometrist looked in my eyes, inverted my eyelid, took the contact out, and scolded me in a very patronizing way. This all took maybe fifteen minutes, then he gave me a diagnosis and a proscription and sent me on my way.

THE FUN PART? Turns out I have a corneal abrasion! And it hurts o____x; ALSO? The stupid little bottle of eyedrops cost me 94 dollars! FUCKING 94 DOLLARS! AND ANOTHER THING? I'm not allowed to wear contacts, and since I don't have glasses right now, I'M FUCKING BLIND. And you know what? If the nurses had just gotten the fucking thing out of my eye when I went to them in the first place, none of this would have happened, and I'm sure my eye would have healed fine and life would be BUNNIES AND DUCKIES. BUT NO.

So yes. I wasted the grande majority of my day at the hospital or the health centre.