February 9th, 2009


Valentine day ICONS?!

Okay, so I really want to do a 10_lyricons to Valentine Kiss for Valentines Day! But... I don't know what images to use. I'd use Prince of Tennis, naturally, but I don't have any really good, really gay Prince of Tennis images, so if anyone sends me some (preferably Hyoutei) really gay pictures (I either want pairings or one person being like... pointedly gay) I'd be grateful! My second idea was to use Wild Adapter, since there's some pretty cute, pretty gay pictures of them... but I could only find 8 that weren't too depressing to use! XD;; So if anyone has any good gay WA pictures, those would also be appreciated!

If you think of anything better to use, let me know, and I'll also take that into consideration. Please give me feedback! If only there were enough Hazel images out there...

SaiyuMyu updates~

So, the time has come for another SaiyuMyu update (those of you who are saying, "But Kit, you just updated about SaiyuMyu less than a week ago..." shut the fuck up. XD;) and I have some links for y'all! [All of this information is accessible through the saiyuki community, but I know some of the people on my flist aren't members and all the posts are friendslocked, so...]

Watch the official trailer!! You have to download it and watch it in Windows Media Player, otherwise it doesn't work, but it's really really really worth watching!! Hakkai and Gojyo are sexy together~ (and does Hakkai really use "boku" when the rest of them say "ore"?) Nii is creepy fantstic~ Botatsu is... womanly-ish... and DUDE IF FOR NOTHING ELSE, WATCH IT TO SEE KOUGAIJI FUCKING PIROUETTE!! XD;;; Also, some singing is involved. Yosh.

Also, here is where you can get info about the DVD... I don't know much what it says, but I figured the link was worth posting |D;;

Uhh. That's all. Except I'm going to complain, because this is my lj, about how printmaking keels my hands. srsly, mineral spirits are evil, and I got a blister on my knuckle from the roller today... T^T;;

Original Fiction!!


That's right. It's ORIGINAL FICTION that involves NO GAY. You heard me right, NOTHING HOMOSEXUAL WHATSOEVER.

That being said, it's actually something that yomimashou and I wrote for our Science Fiction class last year. It's a commentary on something... but you can see if you understand when you read it! ^__~

The reason I'm posting it here is simply because I like it. I'm impressed by how nicely and well-written it turned out, since it was a school assignment, and, in addition, in light of recent events, I find it appropriate. *is enigmatic* Anyway, if you're interested, you should take a look~

Title: A Day in the Life of 5 69785 426

Claimer: Belongs to yomimashou and myself.

Rating: PG-13 for violence

Warnings: Non-graphic violence

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