February 16th, 2009


In which Kit continues to be a TeniPuri fag.

Subtitles amuse me greatly. And now that I have the power to screencap, I abuse it on a regular basis. So um. ENJOY.

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Please forgive me. XD;;;

[EDIT] Goddamnit, chiachiaamichan, this is what you do to me. I have never even watched any interaction between Ryoma and Atobe, never even watched an anime episode with Atobe in it, only the musical, NEVER SEEN ANY EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER (yet), and yet I am shipping Royal Pair SO HARD IT'S RIDICULOUS. I've been reading fanfic nonstop and joined the LJ comm and everything. So uh, Just letting you know. THAT YOU HAVE SO MUCH SWAY OVER ME. It's ridic. ... and I love you for it. ♥ DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP ON THIS WITH ME OR ELSE I'LL DIE.


That's all. ♥

In which Kit talks about the Japanese language and Prince of Tennis

I'm going to preface this post with the statement that I'm being kind of a nitpicky bitch... so just ignore me. XD;; I don't really care.

Okay, so like. In the first episode where Fudomine shows up, they sub it "Hudoumine." Understandable, since 「ふ」is sometimes romanized as "hu" considering the nature of the pronunciation. "Fu" is the accepted romanization but like. They do say it and it sounds like "hu" sometimes. Honest. And someone commented all like OMG THAT'S SO WRONG DJSAKDJAKLDJALKDL and I wanted to be like Please don't be stupid about a language you don't speak... but I didn't. Because I'm nice.

Also, especially since people are going to be all picky, what's with the whole "Syuusuke" thing for Fuji? Last time I checked, the accepted romanization of 「しゅう」was "Shuu" and not "Syuu." But uh. Whatever floats people's boats, I guess?

On a lighter, more humourous note, I keep hearing "Chuugaku" as "Chuugoku" and wondering why people are saying they're Chinese. XD;;;; "Middle school" should not sound so similar to "China" XD;;;

[EDIT] ... Lulz, I like how all of the Atobe Musical actors have been in some Kamen Rider franchise production. XD;;; That... kind of makes me laugh a lot. Though, I'm really sad that Kato Kazuki doesn't play him in Imperial Presence... ;______; Kato Kazuki is like my hero for his most excellent Atobe. I yoi his bigi.