February 24th, 2009


Because Silver Pair deserves some lovin', too.

Okay, well. It's obvious how much I'm in dire love with Choutarou's Imperial Match actor, but that's not to say that I don't love Silver Pair as a whole, too :O They're actually like adorable x >9000. I mean, as much as I love the fact that Oshitari and Gakuto are having sex like every second or every day, there's something really adorable about the fact that, according to official art, Shishido and Choutarou spend like 31.8% of their free time out eating together (lol, numbers of images in which they're eating divided by total number of anime images. I'm so awesome at math). But, entirely seriously, they're like, all fluff and cuddles. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. THAT IS FUCKING ADORABLE. Something about pairs being named after precious metals makes them entirely fluffy and vanilla and adorable...

Um. And before I launch into the most utterly pointless and random tirade about Silver Pair ever, I'd like to make a point, the thesis of which being CHOUTAROU IS SO FUCKING UKE even if he's taller. Let's look at some of the pairings within Hyoutei and Seigaku (because lol they're the only two teams I feel comfortable enough talking about) which have pair names and which are at least mostly undisputed. We have Golden Pair, which is Oishi and Eiji. We have Dirty Pair, which is Oshitari and Gakuto. We have Silver Pair, which is Shishido and Choutarou. Seeing a trend here? One of the pair is referred to by his first name, and one by his last. I think it's pretty undisputed that, of Golden Pair, Oishi is the seme, and of Dirty Pair, Oshitari is the seme. So, by this trend, Shishido is the seme and Choutarou is the uke. [Yes, I know fandom is split on calling him Choutarou v. Ohtori, but Shishido calls him Choutarou, so. Yeah.]

Uh. That all being said, please allow me to direct your attention to this ship manifesto for Silver Pair. Unfortunately, the essay itself isn't very thoroughly written and tends to take people's understanding of the pairing for granted, but it does contain a marvelous display of gay canon images. Please scroll to the "bromide/card evidence" section, so you may enjoy as I proceed to make peanut gallery comments about many of them (going left to right, then top to bottom, as in the English language)

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Okay, I'm done, I swear. XD;;;;;;

[EDIT] Okay, so I looked really close at the one with the dialogue and I came up with this:
"Shishido-san sandoichi mou 1 [kanji I can't read] dou desu ka? Shishido-san no suki na tsuna desu yo!"
"Aa Choutarou sankyuu"
Which roughly translates to:
"Shishido-san, which sandwich [something involving the kanji I can't read]? Shishido-san's favourite tuna, you know!
"Ah, thank you Choutarou."

...I'm translating "yo" as "you know" but, like... I don't really know what exactly would be an appropriate translation... and that whole thing is based on my crappy half year of Japanese YEAH. I don't really know what's up with the "mou 1" in there without being able to see the kanji... so... yeah. Your guess is as good as mine. XD;; Also, assumeing katakana "tsuna" is "tuna" XD;;; ALSO this is obviously supposed to be dialogue and conversational, considering the "sankyuu," so... does Choutarou really not use "da" instead of "desu"...?


[EDIT 2] Okay, V informs me that the kanji I couldn't read is the counter for sandwiches. XD;;; Whatever that may be. So the complete translation would be like:
"Shishido-san, do you want another sandwich? It's Shishido-san's favourite, tuna, you know!"
"Ah, thank you, Choutarou"

So, yeah. Um. Choutarou is his waifu or something. XD;;;