March 11th, 2009


More Royal Pair!

This is based on a conversation I had with chiachiaamichan about Ryoma and Atobe's future. XD;; Therefore, it's written for you, chiachiaamichan, love! I hope you like it~

Title: Ended Up

Disclaimer: Konomi's gay boys, not mine.

Rating: PG just in case this might scar some kiddies

Warnings: BL, speculation

Author's Note: They'd be so cute together. ♥

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I must be butter...

... because I'm on a roll. XD;;; That is to say, here's another Prince of Tennis fic. XD;; This one's Dirty Pair (with mentions of Golden Pair)! Please enjoy!

Title: The Winner

Disclaimer: Konomi's doubles partners, not mine.

Rating: PG

Warnings: BL, teensy bits of language, vague insinuations of sexual things.

Author's note: Poor Gakuto. It really makes me feel bad that he's not really anything too exciting when it comes to tennis and Yuushi is a prodigy... poor guy ;

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First off, I'd like to say that I'm so, so proud of these Charter faculty for doing what they felt was right. I know some of them were you-know-who supporters, or have heard hearsay of such, and the fact that they could set their opinions of his work aside and say that he was doing something wrong, discriminatory, and illegal just really gives me confidence in the Charter faculty that I may never have had before. I mean, some of the names don't surprise me (Basquill, Rescigna) but some of them definitely do, and just let me say... Thank you, Charter faculty, for doing what was right.

Because it's not a matter of whether he was a good "president" or not. It's a matter of the fact that he has allegedly been sexist and inappropriate and sexually harassing at least one woman and possible more. It disgusts me that people are saying "what's the big deal?" just because they liked having him as their principal. Sexual harassment is not only prejudiced and sexist but illegal as well, and anyone who thinks that sexually harassing women in the workplace isn't a big deal is disgusting and a disgrace.

So I am glad that many names I know and recognize, as well as some I don't, have done the right thing and, despite any personal feelings towards Russo, stood up for equality and justice. Thank you.

However, I am less than thrilled about this:
In a March 3 public meeting, the Charter Board of Directors voted to give Russo the opportunity to challenge his termination in a hearing with adjudicators selected jointly by counsels for the board and Russo.

If no agreement is reached by March 13, both parties will select a hearing officer from the American Arbitrations Association.

The hearing will be private to protect the privacy of the witnesses.
[from here]

How could they possibly cave to the pressure of the ignorant, teeming masses? It disgusts me, it really makes me sick...

[EDIT] I emailed the Charter teachers who I had on the list of the ones who signed the letter to thank them. In case anyone cares.

Iconfiend100 post 5!

I know it's been forever, but I've done 10 new ones~ Hope you enjoy them~

My style and abilities over the course of this set of 100 icons have changed and grown so much, it's kind of ridiculous... they don't have very much coherency or anything. XD;;;;; Oh well.


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