March 17th, 2009


For britkit27

So, I always wonder what's really under all the "Ore-sama"s and the pride, and Ami's of the belief that Atobe's actually a sweetheart down there, considering his official "what he spends his allowance on" is treating his teammates to things, and I wanted to play with that. He's not necessarily a sweetie here, but he's definitely something. BECAUSE HE'S ATOBE-SAMA AND I LOVE HIM.

Please read the warnings, guys. I don't want any bleeding eyes or screaming children. XD;;; But uh, please enjoy!!

Title: Responsibility (or, Five Times in which Atobe is Not Selfish)

Disclaimer: Konomi's, though, after this, he might disown them.

Rating: Hard R

Warnings: Dub-con, shota, non-explicit m/m sex, language, general mind-fuckage

Author's Note: This is for britkit27! She requested Sakaki/Atobe, and so here it is! Sorry I didn't work the Jaguar in... next time, I promise!

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More fic.

So, as planned, britkit27 came over today and we watched Dream Live Third. This isn't my official review or anything (that shall come in a separate post) but at the end, they announced that this was the last performance for Seigaku's cast, and it was so sad and they all cried really hard while they sang Crystal and On My Way, so I guess that kind of inspired this. Yes, it's really sad. I was really sad. We were crying while we were watching everyone lose it entirely and it was so sad. ;_______;

So, anyway. Please enjoy~

Title: Warmer

Disclaimer: Konomi's canonly gay lovers doubles partners.

Rating: PG

Warnings: HEAVY. Angst, BL. Angst.

Author's Note: Well, britkit27 told me to write Golden pair fluff to balance out the Sakaki/Atobe dub-con I wrote yesterday, but... well, this didn't really come out very fluffy. XD;;; I blame the end of Dream Live Third.

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