March 25th, 2009


I'm ridiculously cool

So, the writer of our Japanese book, 「げんき」, has like a secret love for tennis. It shows up all over the place in our book. It's hilarious, and makes for a lot of Prince of Tennis related jokes that I find hilarious, britkit27 finds amusing, Tiina sometimes finds vaguely funny, and the rest of the class totally ignores. Either there's like, ridiculous coincidence in the world, or someone who writes for Genki seriously watched Prince of Tennis, because one of the lines we had to translate was like "Tomoko looks bad at tennis." This is like, canon from Prince of Tennis. XD;;; Genki, you make me giggle.

So, today, we were doing various partner exercises, three (out of like five) of which had tennis involved somehow, and there was this one that was like "You are on a blind date with someone. Ask them these questions and then decide whether or not you want to go on a second date." The questions were the follow: Can you speak another language, and if so which? Can you drive, and if so, how well? Can you cook, and if so, what dish? And then the final and most important question: Can you play tennis, and if so, how well? I was with Tiina (I had already declared love to britkit27 earlier but she turned me down in like a second TT____TT;;) and she said she could play tennis, so I asked her if she played doubles, and she said yes, and so I asked her to be my "doubles-chan" (using Eiji's terminology... XD;) and she said yes~ This is the start of a beautiful relationship (XD;;;;; We were cracking up.) The best part is that when sensei asked us to report, I said that we would be playing doubles, and two guys who had been paired up were like "us too." XD;;; All three of us laughed so hard. THEN she asked some other people to report and they were like "uh.... sannin desu..." And britkit27 and I were like "SANNIN DE DOUBLES?!" (but actually kind of like... in our heads. We have ESP) and then sensei was like "Oh, triangle desu." And I died. I died laughing.


I love TeniMyu and how it fucks with my mind. I also love how sleep deprived I already am after break.