March 27th, 2009


I'm a youtube whore.

Yanagi Photoshoot! Yanagi is so adorable. He does hand puppets at one point... XD;; And of course mentions "Shirotan"~! It's sad when he talks about dance, though... still, he's definitely better.

Aiba Photoshoot! I'm not a huge Aiba fan, but he is pretty to look at. He does some bad ballet type thing at the beginning XD;;; Still, watching him move so freely makes me sad about Yanagi... Also, GAY PINK HAT.

Double Ryoma! Yanagi-baby is such a cutie. WE KNOW YOU'RE THE REAL ONE, BABY!

Original Ryoma Interview Early stuff like this always makes me really feel sad. ;______;

Yanagi's Birthday! Did I mention that Yanagi is cute?

Yanagi's physical therapy stuff I don't stalk Yanagi or anything. Really.

GET OUT OF HERE! This is amusing because 1) Shirota's English, and 2) SHIOZAWA IS ADORABLE.

Tuxedo Shirota. Yes, he was in SeraMyu, too. XD;;; Alas, less gay, but still Shirotan goodness!

...this post will most likely be edited. Stay tuned. XD;;;

[EDIT] One Love by sprout, the two person band of which Shiozawa Hidemasa is a member. I have to say, I'm not loving the blonde hair. It looks much better messy and black. XD;;; And... obviously, either his editors are really good or he can't project/sing live, because this sounds like >9000 times better than his singing as Mizuki. Honestly. He... just needs to "nfu" now. XD;;; Also, note how Shiozawa ALWAYS gayly rolls the sleeves of his t-shirts. XD;

[EDIT 2] Kato Photoshoot! I can't get used to this boy without his silver hair. XD;;;

[EDIT 3] Shirota Falls! I don't know what they're talking about, but Yanagi is talking, then all of a sudden, Shirota falls XD;; It's amusing.