April 3rd, 2009


Rambling; views, Princes of Tennis, headcanon, this weekend

I feel mushy right now. I just read a lot of well-written fanfiction, which probably has something to do with it, but like... I dunno. Like emo-scene-in-a-chick-flick mushy. There's an unbelievable view from my window right now; it was raining hard and abruptly stopped, the sun is really bright mid sky to the west, and behind the silhouette of the Great Hall and the clock tower, the sky is brilliant blue. The campus is still overshadowed with rain clouds; on the cherry trees right outside my window, hints of pink are blossoming at the tips of the branches. When I sit on the window seat, I feel like I am in one of those emo scenes, only I have nothing, really, to be emo about. It's sad when I envy anime characters for particular elements of their lives. In the words of our own dear Atobe-sama, "suteki na romansu shitai..."

You know, I have a lot of favourite characters in Prince of Tennis, but, I've realized, Gakuto really is my very favourite. There's just something about him that I love deeply from the bottom of my heart; I empathize with him, on some level. There's something about his brashness, his hot-temperedness... I don't know. I love Atobe because he's fabulous, I love Ryoma because he's a snotty little brat, I love Eiji because he's sweet and insecure, I love Mizuki because he's a conniving bitch... But honestly, there's just something about sweet, stupid little Gakuto that I love the most.

I mean... I haven't been in fandom long enough to know if I fit in with others' ideas a lot (and Gakuto isn't so popular, so far as I can tell, to begin with), but my headcanon for Gakuto has shaped up rather distinctly as of recently, and my personal Gakuto needs to be needed. Like Hazel, I guess, if you want to draw the comparison to my Saiyuki love (and now that I think about it, it's a little disturbing, really), there's just something about the pathetic ones that I like. But, then again, that's just my personal headcanon. I kind of like the fact that, with Prince of Tennis, you have a lot of room for headcanon, really. I mean, I love Minekura to bits, and she's so talented and amazing and in Saiyuki, there is and there isn't and it's up to the reader to discern and she drops so many subtle hints and the characters are who they are, and I love analyzing Minekura's manga like the lit nerd I am. But there's something appealing about Konomi's boys, in that, there's just so many of them, not all of them can be delved into in canon. With characters like Gakuto (or most rivals, honestly) you have a lot of room for interpretation. Konomi gives you the character bios and that's it, you're on your own. And though I love lit, I love being creative, I think, even more.

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Outside of my fandom-related ramblings... this weekend, I'm heading back to good old DE for a weekend of DDC stress! Scary volunteered me to work backstage without asking first, and so I'll be doing the spawn-of-Scary-Mary act this weekend (I think I need a nickname, too, but nothing rhymes or alliterates nicely...) I want the chance to write... I just want to write a lot this weekend. I have to work on various school-related things, but I'd like to pound out at least one more bit of OTJN as well as a one-shot, at least... I don't know if it'll happen, but. And being around the studio or the theatre makes me want to dance, and to start working on Make You Free, specifically... Alas.

...I really want to cosplay Gakuto sometime. I mean, I'm really excited to (possibly? Have we decided on this?) be Mizuki this summer, don't get me wrong. I just really want to be Gakuto someday. And, I mean, by normal person standards, I'm flexible, and I'm short, so... how could I go wrong? XD;

Uh... in other news, in Japanese today, Tiina announced that we were like the Ichinen Trio... and somehow, she became Horio, I became Kachiro, and a very tired, unobliging britkit27 became Katsuo. XD;;; We were singing Kounai Ranking and stuff. XD;;; We're so cool.

Lastly, this song is entirely filled with Royal Pair. Seriously, britkit27, how can you not see it?