April 4th, 2009


I made a lovebar :D

Well... it had to be shrunk to put online, unfortunately, but. Since I love second cast, I made them a lovebar!

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If you want to use it, just upload it to your own server and link back to me ^^; I don't have any fancy little box thing with coding. Sorry!

Also, this song makes me cry. TT______TT;

Yuuta/Mizuki in MTL

Okay, so, long story short, because we were talking about cosplay for this summer, I ended up watching a bit of MTL, and I took some caps, so you all get a miniature caps post XD;;; Basically, this is entirely me fangirling Yuuta/Mizuki in MTL. XD;;; So yeah, read at your own risk.

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In other news... ANIKI GA NANDA?!


GODDAMNIT WHY WON'T MY EMAIL WORK? >___> As of right now, I can't receive emails on my personal account, I'm not sure why, so if you sent me something that I'm not responding, that's why. My Bryn Mawr account works fine, however, so if you want me to see something, send it there.

Last night, I had a dream that they were showing TeniMyu at the Grande Opera House and I somehow tricked my sister and Scary into seeing it with me... XD;;;

Gala tiemz = fun tiemz. BRB GOING TO MITCHELL ALL DAY.


Still sick. *cough*

Surprisingly enough...

Dress rehearsal and performance went off without a hitch! Everything went perfectly fine, and we actually had to start late because so many people were buying tickets at the door. Of course, certain *cough* people were "injured" and Elaine was bitchy when she was hungry and gave me that "I'm showing off because I know I'm better than you" look when she was next to the wing in Green Grove, but, really, generally, it was a good first show.

The program is lovely, and I got credit for the art, and, even more exciting, I got to be on headset for stage left! I'm "moving up in the word," as Header put it. It's really funny listening to the random conversation of the guys who do lighting and sound, and Sunch, of course.

I got my part of the econ project and the machi project out of the way for now... So I'm relatively stress-free for the duration of being at home. I get to watch the show tomorrow, and to eat some red meat, whooooo. I'm planning on trying to write some Dirty Pair tonight, but I realized that it's a lot harder for me to write when I'm at home because I end up getting distracted by the TV. XD;;

My email works again, in consolation. I'm starting to get better. My throat was un-hoarse enough that I could sing along with TeniMyu in the car on the way to the theatre. XD;