April 9th, 2009


DoRai 6th casting

DoRai 6th cast is posted here, for anyone who missed it....

TT__________TT; Hyoutei 1st!!! I MISS YOU. I don't even care, no one but Rui will ever be Gakuto to me (as the Gakuto aficionado that I am, of course) though this new one does look kind of cute... The Yuushi is all right; attractive, but I doubt he has Saitou's orgasm voice. And... Hiyoshi... *______* Y SO PRETTY, PIYO? Seriously. He's really gorgeous. o____O;

... and seriously, why is Akutsu in every Dream Live ever? HE QUIT TENNIS, GAIZ.


In the matters of my real life, I got my Nihon no tomodachi today! It's really exciting. Her name is Fujii Aiko-san, and she likes One-Piece and Dragon Ball. XD;;;;; I'm super tempted to ask if she BL ga suki, as well, but I don't know if that's awkward. XD;;; She is a girl who likes shounen anime, like myself... XD;;;

Also, today, we learned "mezurashii" and all I could think was "Mezurashii jaa Yuushi!" XD;;;; Internet cookies to anyone who can tell me what and when that's from.

[EDIT] ... why is it that, occasionally, in doujinshi, Eiji is the extremely heteronormative one? I understand this not. I mean. Come on. Golden Pair. FUCKING CANON. But it seems that when he's not paired with someone, he's the one going "EW THAT'S HOMO." I mean. idk I could see Momo or someone doing that, but Eiji? :x