April 13th, 2009


Golden Pair fic for chiachiaamichan

Golden Pair, why are you so sweet and cute and adorable, and why do you make me want to write sickeningly sweet fics about you? Also, I love Tuti and Nagayan to bits, but Takiguchi and Seto are really, really adorable. They have great chemistry... especially in Absolute King Rikkai First Service. They're just... really, really sweet.

Anyway, please enjoy!

Title: Given Name

Disclaimer: Konomi made them this gay, not me.

Rating: PG-13 for implied sexual actions

Warnings: BL, fluff out the ass, vaguely suggested sex-type things

Author's Note: chiachiaamichan and I were discussing Prince of Tennis characters calling their boyfriends' by given name, I was told to write Golden Pair's. Those two are really, really sickeningly sweet. Honestly. XD;;;

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Archive and OTPs and TeniMyu (oh my!)

Archive is updated.

I'm at 24 TeniPuri fics now. XD;;;

I HAVE WRITTEN 99 FICS TOTAL, GUYS. [Yes, that's counting the really terrible, crappy ones from 2005...]

Also, it's kind of weird how I fluctuate so readily between pairings. I know Dirty Pair comes first, then, I think, Golden Pair, then... well, I don't really know. But like, if I'm totally set to write one pairing and then get distracted by like, a TeniMyu clip with another pairing, I totally change my mind on what I want to write. XD;; It's kind of terrible. Oh well.

Also, the performance of Season at the end of Imperial Presence is SO SAD. Oh god. It made me cry, all alone, in front of my computer. Ruito and Saitou sort of made it, to be honest. They were ridiculously cute. And the Choutarou cried, even though he was the only one not graduating, weirdly enough... But Jirou lost it entirely... and, man, it was really just so sad. I LOVE YOU, HYOUTEI 1st. I LOVE YOU A LOT. ♥♥

And... no one used my Seigaku bar, but maybe I'll make a Hyoutei First Cast lovebar, too... hmm.

I should go to bed.