April 15th, 2009


TeniMyu icons!

Uh. These happened. XD;;;

And yeah, I know my photoshopping skills suck. It was mostly for shits and giggles. But that picture of Ruito and Saitou really is like, the cutest thing on the face of the planet. Seriously.

[5] TeniMyu
[2] KenKen and Date [Silver Pair]
[3] Saitou and Ruito [Dirty Pair]

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In other news, I've basically been eating, breathing, and sleeping Dirty Pair recently... I'm so seriously in love with them it's not even funny. I'm partway through a fic, though it's not very substantial... and for all of my substantial ideas, I kind of want someone to RP with, since it's hard writing everything myself... *pokes the RP type folk* But yeah. I should be in bed. But I was finishing a Dirty Pair fic. Because I couldn't possibly go to bed when Gakuto was so in denial and Yuushi was so sad!!


... This song is really catchy and makes me cry.

I'm so cool.

So uh. This is my productivity for yesterday. Just a little something I doodled in class. Medium is bic coloured ball-point pen, and it took me around a half hour XD;;; So uh, enjoy.

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In other news, room draw was yesterday... and I got fucked. I'm in Brecon; it was my only choice for singles. For those of you not familiar with Bryn Mawr, Brecon is across city lines. It's almost, for all intents and purposes, off campus. Granted, it's a very nice place. But fuck is it out of the way. XO; I *may* get the opportunity to trade, but I'm not planning on anything yet, because I don't want to be disappointed. And Brecon is a nice place...

I wish Dirty Pair would get off my mind. I don't have so much inspiration in particular for them, and I ought to be writing on OTJN... but... but... Dirty Pair ;____;

TeniMyu kiss

Watching this again...

I've seen all the musicals in there except one (Rikkai Second Service; I've only seen the first). The first time I watched this was almost exactly 2 months ago (2 months and 2 days). I've watched 10 new TeniMyus in two months' time.

Wow guys. I'm ridiculously cool. RIDICULOUSLY COOL.

And ridiculously pumped for our TeniMyu party this summer, chiachiaamichan, yomimashou. You're totally going to love all of them~

Oh, and chiachiaamichan, can I have a copy of Dream Live 4th? Mine's cut off at the end for some reason. Thanks, love. ♥