April 16th, 2009



Title: Ai Ai Gasa

Disclaimer: This is Konomi's fault, not mine.

Rating: G

Warnings: BL, fluff, mentions of a certain St. Rudy pairing in the background (but seriously, when isn't there?)

Cultural/Language Note: "Ai ai gasa" literally means "to share an umbrella" but, because the Japanese love homophones, it can also be "love love umbrella." Sharing an umbrella is supposed to be a romantic thing in Japan, like a sign of affection between couples and whatnot.

Author's Note: It was raining, and thus. This was born. I'm actually rather pleased with it.

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[You can stand here] →☂

I wrote a companion to the fic I wrote last night. XD;;; Because I love Mizuki that much. Please enjoy~

Title: No Shame

Disclaimer: Konomi made Mizuki in all of his gay glory. I'm just playing.

Rating: PG

Warnings: BL, there's actually one kind-of-swear, Mizuki (yes, he gets a warning. XD)

Author's Note: It's nice out today, but... well, I couldn't resist. XD; This is like, >9000 times less creepy than the last story I wrote for this pair, I promise. XD; Also, I really can't wrap my mind around the fact that Mizuki is older than Fuji. He's like. Three whole months older. I always, for some reason, thought Mizuki was Yuuta's age, but I was totally wrong. Huh. XD;

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