April 18th, 2009


Caps post!

So, I was going to post all the caps I've accumulated for some time now in one post, but I decided that would be suicidal (for me to do and for you to read XD) so I'm splitting it up between a regular (if large) caps post and a special caps post for episodes 25-26 (the finale of season one). 25-26 were broken links the last time I tried to watch them, but now there's youtube links, so I was able to see the great "ECHIZEN, SEIGAKU NO HASHIRA NI NARE" episode. XD;;;

Yeah. In case you couldn't tell, basically the only warning (outside of the normal language and talk of boys sexing) is Pillar Pair. XD;

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More caps shall come later... for now, enjoy. XD;

[EDIT] Unrelated, but.

Oh dear god was the Platinum/Golden game a disappointment in the anime!! I kept waiting for the Petenshi thing to happen and it never did. Also, I mean, Golden Pair's fight was moving and stuff, but the whole Eiji-gets-a-mild-concussion is like. So much more. idk. Dramatic. Manga and Musicals, +1.

More caps XD;

Hey guys, long time no see. XD;;; It's ridiculously warm and nice out, so what am I doing? Well, this morning I was in the dance studio for three hours, then I hopped the bus to that Haver-place and spend another four hours in the printmaking studio! And now I'm posting caps. And after that, I'll probably be watching Prince of Tennis. XD;; So much for enjoying the weather. XD;

But, on the bright (or not so bright, depending on your opinion of my humour) side, that means more caps for y'all to lawl at! :D So without further ado:

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