April 26th, 2009


Lawls, an actual post

I know I haven't been posting much at all recently; this is because my life took a turn for the ridiculously stressful, and will probably continue to be such until after May Day. But... I'm sitting here feeling slightly hung over and really dehydrated and decided that posting was preferable to my 12 page dance history paper. XD;; So... my life for the past week in a nutshell:

I have a lot to get done before finals week starts. Honestly, once the finals actually start, I'm not really concerned, but before then I have my dance history paper (numero uno; there's another one due during finals week), my etching portfolio, my econ group paper project thing, and a shit ton of Japanese crap to do. It's really making me unbelievably stressed, but I don't have much of a choice but to survive, do I? XD; And I don't want all my friends to go... the thought of the end of the year for that reason is really sad. But I do really want to be done and to see chiachiaamichan (Fuji, for reference ♥) and yomimashou (Yuuta).

I'm really very happy with my printmaking portfolio this semester (which is more than I can say for last semester, though other people seem to like my work, which makes me happy-- two people have asked for prints from me!) but I'm nowhere near done. I'm binding a book of prints of tutus, of which there will be four, but I only have 2 done, and the plates for the other two still need to go into the acid at least once more apiece. Then I have to print them up and put them in the book, and someone from my class is supposed to be binding the book for me and I haven't even gotten the pages dyed yet, and yes, I am in a bit of a state of panic about this project. X_____x;

Last night, I intended to get a lot done. I was going to finish the second section of my dance lecture paper and read some of the econ text and then write the next installment of the infamous Golden Trio (+ Sengoku) fic, but while I was writing my paper, Tiina decided to show up with alcohol. And, of course, I had more alcohol, and then we put on Imperial Match, and then we called britkit27 over and had ourselves a right Golden/Ichinen Trio party. XD; Tiina got lost pretty fast... XD;;; And I wanted to find something that britkit27 liked, but ended up drinking a lot of it myself, so... once Tiina was sobering up again, I was losing it. XD;;; We sang along and danced to Imperial Match (as is necessary with Imperial Match... and Tiina learned her Oishi part for Sannin de Doubles, yay! XD;;) and then sat down on my bed and watched Dream Live First, and then britkit27 left because she's mean and me and Tiina had a sleepover, and only went to sleep at like 5 when I was sobering up again... XD;;; It was fun...

... but this morning I'm dehydrated and a teensy bit hung over and perhaps that was a poor plan, considering all I need to do today. But did get up at noon and it's all good.

Oh fuck I need to do the room trade forms.

Wish me luck in my second show ^___~ Amanda's husband said he liked me the best in the dance! ♥