May 1st, 2009



So, because of our intended cosplay for this summer, I made a bunch of icons for my lovely Yuuta-kun and Fuji-kun~ ♥ And there's some of Shio, too, because he's just too pretty not to XD;

Speaking of Shio... I know this is weird, but it looks like he gets younger between MTL and Imperial Match. Seeing as this is not possible, I wonder what it is. His face seems to get rounder... perhaps it's the weird haircut he has for Imperial Match (his hair for MTL is just divine if you ask me) or maybe he put on weight? But in Imperial Match, he's still perfectly skinny with that tiny waist and a bit of hip; just like in MTL, so I don't know what it is.

ALSO I don't really think of KENN and Aiba looking alike, but if you compare their faces side by side... they actually seem like they could be brothers :x I never would have thought, but they actually do look like maybe they're siblings. I mean, I know they're not, but they pull off the Fuji brothers surprisingly well ♥ </ random >

The joy of all three of these guys is that relatively little is done to their hair between character and real life, so you can use the icons for either. KENN is the toughest... he has his ear pierced. XD; I shopped out the earring hole in the Yuuta pictures (even though it doesn't really matter... honestly if I learned anything at all from this, it's that the people who shop the photosets for TeniMyu suck ass. They could at least even out the skin, seriously, it's not that hard) but for the most part, I just let it be. :D;

So yes! These are for you, yomimashou and chiachiaamichan! Please enjoy!

[38] TeniMyu
[13] Aiba Hiroki [Fuji Syuusuke]
[15] KENN [Fuji Yuuta]
[10] Shiozawa Hidemasa [Mizuki Hajime]

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Also, we are so playing the Fuji-Brothers-music-drinking-game sometime XD;;;