May 8th, 2009


Epiphany occurs


In terms of anime characters.


Like. He weighs like 20 pounds more than most people in Prince of Tennis who are the same height.


[Err, the fact that anime weights are so unrealistic has always bothered me. XD; So this is kind of exciting for me.]

tennis = buttsex.

butterfly jou: they're better for sodomy and playing tennis, at least
butterfly jou: oh wait are those the same thing?
suteki ni kiss: yes.
suteki ni kiss: they are.

[EDIT] suteki ni kiss: srsly, YOU CAN'T CURE GUILLANE BARRE
suteki ni kiss: YOU CAN'T
suteki ni kiss: it's a neurological disease
chiako kun: Yes
chiako kun: But tenipuri is about gay middle schoolers playing tennis
chiako kun: That fact is irrelevant

[EDIT2] suteki ni kiss: Ryouga takes Ryoma's hat
suteki ni kiss: and give him an orange
suteki ni kiss: what are the odds they had sex?
suteki ni kiss: I'm thinking 99% chance.
butterfly jou: they were playing tennis naked
butterfly jou: so
butterfly jou: I think that's the definition of intercourse