May 9th, 2009


Futari no Samurai

For those of you who don't know, Futari no Samurai, the one of the Prince of Tennis movies (not to be confused with CinePuri, which is fail, or Atobe's gift, which I'm told is win, or the OVA, which actually happens in the manga... which defeats the purpose of an OVA?), is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. Like, COMPLETELY. I didn't even cap all of the ridiculosity, but trust me on this one. I shall provide a plot summary under the cut, along with the caps, so, uh, SPOILER WARNING!

That being said, please laugh your ass off enjoy!

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Seriously. One hilarious movie.

Atobe's Gift

... I cannot describe this in words. You must watch it yourselves. Seriously.

Please do so here.

Um... the two comments I want to make are that Choutarou actually does get jealous of his Shishido-san and incest runs in the Fuji family.

See the rest for yourself. XD;

Also, I found these creepy videos of Inui filming everyone in their sleep... So I figured I'd post those too. XD; Watch them here:

Comment with your thoughts on these and I'll tell you mine... XD;;; They're pretty amusing.

Sorry to spam you all, lovely flists ♥

[EDIT] From the translation of Ryoma's:

Ryoma: Milk... Milk...Didn't I drink it yesterday? I have also drank senpais' shares. I can't drink anymore. My stomach is so full that it hurts.

... I'm sorry, it sounds dirty to me XD;