May 10th, 2009


Higa... magical girl...

This scares me a little. XD;

Sorry to STILL be spamming the flists...

This is a weird song about conbinis.... o____O; britkit27 ought to appreciate the omake though XD;

This is pointless but really cute XD;

BAD ENGRISH!. I love you Ryoma. XD; And the Golden Pair part later is really cute XD;

This and this are cute. XD;

Lawl. It's a bunch of commercials. XD; Oh Japanese memes.

This is cute and platinum pair is win XD

I will give like, anything to the person who can find me a better quality version of this. I want icons from it. XD;

TOKYO MEW MEW MAD. This is win. I wish there was one for My Sweet Heart though.

Okay, my CLAMP skills are failing me, what is this a MAD of?

This has a really pretty song. :x I want it.

This is pretty :x I don't know what any of these things are from XD;

This is really cute.

This takes some skill. XD; It's bits of Ouran turned into Rikkai XD;;;

This is all. XD;;;;

[EDIT] I found Mizuki's bag check~!

View it here.

... His lipgloss is poppin', his lipgloss is cool, all the boys be stoppin', they chase him after school...


Proof that Mizuki does indeed love his purple flowery shirt and it was NOT chosen by his family. Second question. PROOF. I win.

[EDIT 3] Okay, after this, I will do my absolute best to stop editing this post. XD;;;

This, though, pretty much confirms like, every fanon fact about St. Rudy and Mizuki. I mean. His favourite flower-patterned cloth?! Note that the pillow on his personal armchair is also flower patterned. I love Mizuki so much. XD;


Archive has been updated.

I've written 31 Prince of Tennis fics according to my archive; there are 2 that have been posted to my LJ but not listed there, and there are 11 unposted chapters of OTJN so far. I have also posted 2 Prince of Tennis RPs.

In total, that's 46 works of Prince of Tennis writing.

Why am I so ridiculous. XD;
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More moving icons

So, britkit27 and I found a lot of cute videos, and yomimashou was kind enough to cap them for me! So, here are some moving icons from them (there will be more from each of these videos, but she hasn't had the time to cap them for me, it being finals and all.)

[8] Prince of Tennis
[2] Atobe Keigo
[1] Hiyoshi Wakashi and Echizen Ryoma
[1] Kikumaru Eiji and Momoshiro Takeshi
[1] Sengoku Kiyosumi (for chiachiaamichan!)
[2] Tezuka Kunimitsu
[1] Yukimura Seichi

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