May 16th, 2009



I have Prince of Tennis for my iPod now! Yay. I'm so excited. XD;;; I wish there was more of it available in mp4 format... but being able to watch a bunch of nationals is nice, too. The quality so good, I'm really excited to start watching it... of course, I have to get through the rest of the series, first... haha.

Vaguely relatedly, I'm soon to be in need of a bigger iPod. I'm wondering what I should do... I currently own a 4 gig nano that's 2 generations old and an 8 gig touch that's 1 generation old. The options I'm looking at right now are a 16 gig nano and a full-sized iPod.

The pros of the 16 gig nano are 1) the price, obviously, 2) the aesthetic value and 3) the fact that it's double the space I have now and I don't need that much more. But the cons are that 1) the screen is rather small for video watching, which is one of the reasons I need more space, and 2) it's not that much more space, so as I get more music in the future, I'll need to upgrade my iPod again.

The pros of the full-sized iPod are 1) It's fucking huge. 120 gigs, so I wouldn't have to upgrade my iPod for some time, and 2) the screen is a nice size. The cons, however, are 1) it's a fucking lot of money and I definitely wouldn't use all the space right away, or, to the best of my knowledge, ever (considering I have about 8 gigs worth of media right now), and 2) it's not very attractive.

So... I'm weighing the options. Right now I'm leaning towards the nano just because there's no option in the full-sized other than 120 gigs, but we'll see. It's funny, I never thought I'd run out of space this way. But either way, I'll still keep the touch, because I can have apps on it and it's still lovely. I'm not sure if I ought to sell the 4 gig nano because I don't use it much anymore and it's very small, but I'm kind of emotionally attached to it...hmm.


In other news, I hate job searching.


So about how on their Best Actor Series CD, Sanada and Yukimura have a song called "Hatsukoi" which apparently translated to "First Love"? There's something about having the same dream and stuff like that in it... I obviously don't understand most of it, and I think it's just Yukimura singing most of it but Sanada comes in in the chorus and stuff. Um... Yeah. Wow guys. I thought your "Kimi wa Shinjiteru" (I believe in you) song was gay, but that's kind of hardcore.


Also about how Mabby ate part of Katsuou last night... TT____TT;;


[EDIT] Haha, in the Platinum Pair version of Depend on Me, Niou sings the uke part. Hee.

Also, it makes me laugh a little bit that they have them sing "Ore to omae wa Golden Pair!" XD;;; They could have made that make a little bit more sense... OR THEY'RE COSPLAYING GOLDEN PAIR XD;;;

The CD version of Petenshi Da is really cool, though :x There are parts that Niou sounds like he's having sex, though XD;;;