May 18th, 2009



The Hyoutei Babies OVA will be out on May 26th!! I wonder how long it will take to hit the webs... because oh dear god do I want it with a desire keener than the blade of... a tennis racquet, or something (okay, shut up, it's 2:30 am.)

Just so that you all can be left teased without any resolution just as I am, I'll throw you a link to the official "Another Story" OVA page as well as drop you a few links to various images and teasers. WHAT'S THAT WITH GAKUTO AND SHISHIDO NOW?! ahfkasjfkasdasdkadkasdasldsakfasdas I need to see this.

So, now that you all have just little enough information that you're dying to see it,

You have to wait.

Life sucks.

Dirty Trio!

As promised, Dirty Trio (sort of)! XD; Poor Piyoface, I'm mean to him, but I do so love him to bits. XD; Please enjoy!

Title: A Dilemma

Disclaimer: They're Konomi's, not mine

Rating: Hard R for self-lovin'

Warnings: BL, vague solo, language, Piyo being an emo-face

Author's Note: I love Piyo and his awkward crush on Gakuto. XD;; His and Gakuto's scene in Imperial Presence is like, one of my favourite scenes in the entire show (up there with Koori no Sekai XD), and I just find him utterly adorable. I'm hoping to write a sequel to this that involves porn, but we'll see how it goes. XD;

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Because I know I can't wait

I made some icons of Hyoutei babies! A lot of icons, actually, considering the images available to me... Haha. They're so cute, it's no wonder Sakaki loved on them. XD;;;

[30] Ichinen Hyoutei Regulars
[6] Atobe Keigo
[6] Mukahi Gakuto
[6] Oshitari Yuushi
[6] Shishido Ryou
[1] Ootori Choutarou
[2] Hiyoshi Wakashi
[1] Akutagawa Jirou
[1] Shishido & Jirou
[1] Mukahi & Jirou

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