May 19th, 2009


Dream Pair wtf.

So, the DoRai 6th track list has apparently been announced, and please allow me to draw your attention to track 17:

17. Kikumaru VS Fuji (Rival na Futari) ~ Good Combination


OH DEAR GOD. As if bringing back the Dream Pair Fantasy wasn't bad enough... how could they possibly attach that to something like Good Combination?! It better not be all Dream Pair-y, all I'm sayin'

Because like.



In other news I've had Sekkachi stuck in my head all day gahhh that pairing (/threesome) is eating me alive...

More Dirty Trio...

AUGH why does Prince of Tennis do this to me. I've never done this to myself before, and now I'm doing it left and right auuuuugh.

By the way, this directly follows A Dilemma.

Title: Uncertainty

Disclaimer: Konomi's.

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: BL, bad words, mentions of sex

Author's Note: Well, here, I've done it again, I've set myself up for another two segments at least... Here's to hoping I get them done -_____-;

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