May 24th, 2009


Manga v. Anime

Okay, so I'm usually of the opinion that Prince of Tennis characters are more attractive in the anime than in the manga. I apologize, but really, they look kind of terrifying a lot of the time in the manga. (For example: manga Fuji v. anime Fuji; manga Hyoutei babies v. anime Hyoutei babies; manga Atobe v. anime Atobe), but I have found a strange discovery.

manga Blondie is prettier than anime Blondie.


Of course, Myu!Blondie takes the cake...

And yes, before you harass me. I am working on fic. I was doing research and got distracted by pretty Blondie. XD;

[EDIT] This and this amuse me a little bit. And surprises me a lot. Who would have thought Gakkun would get so much chocolate? XD;;;; I wouldn't.

For britkit27

So, britkit27 is a big baby ichinen!Tez fan, so I've made her some baby Tez icons! I hope you like them~

[20] Prince of Tennis
[20] Ichinen Tezuka

Collapse )

[EDIT] I don't usually post this stuff because very few people actually use the icons I make and I figure you guys all know this stuff anyway, but I forget that some of you are new to livejournal. So, uh, if you take icons from me, please:
※ comment. It's not necessary but it makes me love you a lot.
※ don't hotlink; download them and them upload them to your own server please.
※ don't edit them. I trust none of you guys would do this but it's worth saying anyway.
※ credit! I know it seems tedious, but please humour me on this one. If you don't know how, here's a screencap explaining how to credit an icon maker in your icon keywords:

Thanks guys. ♡
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