June 1st, 2009



So, I know there's things I ought to be writing on, but I had to get this out of my system. XD;

Title: Relationship

Disclaimer: Blame Konomi, not me.

Rating: PG

Warnings: BL, bad language, a kiss (and not even on the lips, either). This one's pretty tame, honestly.

Author's Note: Fuun Shounen Atobe introduced me to the adorable that is Shishido and Gakuto's relationship. XD;;; Their bffl dynamic totally had me squeeing. I promised you fic, and so, here you have it. XD;;

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So, if we're counting the alterations of the original three counters (Houou Gaeshi, Kirin Otoshi, and Hakuryuu) as their own counters, Fuji actually has seven Triple Counters (the first four being Tsubame Gaeshi, Higuma Otoshi, Hakugei, and Kagerou Zutsumi). And apparently, he's still going to invent two more before the end of the series.

Why did he call it Triple Counter if there's actually nine? Even if we're not counting the alterations of the original three, there's still six triple counters.

Fuji Syuusuke, tensai at tennis, failure at math.


Also, gamushare (zeal?) is a cute word. XD; Shiraishi keeps using it to describe the new!Fuji. But seriously, Fuji needs to stop having identity crises. Like, all of a sudden he's like SHIT I'M NOT ACTUALLY A TERRIFYING SADIST, WHAT AM IT? (Yuuta: ANIKI GA NANDA?!) or something. I don't even know. He like, has a hardcore change of heart mid-series and it confuses the heck out of me.

Taka-san is really, really adorable in this OVA though.

[EDIT] Okay, he just announced the "final counter" which is Hecatoncheires no Monban (wtf at that name, Fuji. I thought the Triple Counters were all animals?) But it's not even the final counter because he's going to come up with one against Niou in like 5 episodes. And even if it was, there's still a minimum of five counters and a maximum of 8 already in existence. wtf Fuji. Just wtf.

[EDIT 2] OMFG I'M HEARTBROKEN TT_____TT How could that happen?! And after all the ranting and everything, I cried when he lost. I CRIED. WHAT THE FUCK. But but but but FUJI!! TT______TT He tried so hard and then he LOST! AUGGGGGGHHHHHH TT_______TT;

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[EDIT 5] Okay, I know this is unrelated, but I'm kind of offended that they use Doubles 1 as another singles match... like... that seems like cheating. It doesn't seem like something that Tezuka would stand for, and yet, he's perfectly okay with it. It seems like, sacrilegious or something. I don't know. It really bothers me.