June 25th, 2009


Uh oh... it's another one of those vid posts...

So, fic that I was writing made me think of the conbini song, which I love to death, by the way... I like how Atobe is Oshitari's parent... and Sakaki is the creepy guy reading the ero hon (that part is one of my favourites, actually... the "doubles no oujisama" kills me every time. XD; I also could not tell until now that the last few lines "Let's go to convenience store!" XD;

Of course, knowing me, I managed to find another version starring Piyo... it's not as well done but it has its own amusing points and Mizuki appears in it, so I'm duty-bound to post it. XD; I like how Oishi's the tamago... XD;;;

This is adorable, if random. XD; Watch all the way to the end, the pictures of Gakkun and Piyo with strawberry themed clothes are adorable. Also, Gakkun in Shishido's hat is SOCUTE.

This is like, legit, the most adorable thing I've ever seen ever. If you watch one thing in this post, watch this. It's the Hyoutei ninen dancing together! ・A・ SO CUTE.

This has nice animation and is really cute (except the random girl...) but what confuses me is that the singer honestly sounds a lot like Sanada. Huh.

This is kind lol. A lot. Oh Platinum Pair. XD;

Oh magical girl theme songs... XD; I like Seigaku as the evil scary people, that's a nice touch.

This was adorable too. I'm not sure whether they were shipping Piyo with Gakkun or not? Because they were opposite Silver Pair most of the whole time... well, whatever. XD;

The Rikkai version of the above. Um... Yagyuu in the golf clothes was fucking adorable. XD;

This is really random; someone animated to the Platinum Pair version of Depend on Me. The only reason I post it is that if you skip to near the end you'll notice something kind of funny. XD;

And I can't remember if I posted this before but it's cute.

That's all for now because I have to go be responsible for my life now. XD;

[EDIT] This is really adorable. I wish it was someone's birthday so that I could use it for that, but like... aww. It's so cute. Even if there's chicks in it. There's also Anna Banana and little Chiquita (I know I'm a retard for shipping femme!Chiquita Banana, but they both have little sisters so it works... XD;;;;;)

[EDIT 2] This is a seriously bizarre pairing. But I really like the way hey draw adult!Hyoutei... so it's worth watching even if you don't like Atobe/Gakuto (and I'm pretty sure none of you do XD;)

This is awesome. It has Digimon MAD type things in it!! Also it's Rikkai which is win in and of itself... and Arai gets a headshot! Since when have I become such an Arai fangirl? XD;

This is really cute too! I wonder where they got the short version of BareKisu?

I really want to see all the MADs on the TV in this! Anyone who can find the Catch You, Catch Me one will be loved by me forever. Also, is it terrible that I knew exactly what musical it was the moment it came on? (It's the beginning of HigaMyu, in case you were wondering. The part with Kaidoh and Yaaaaagyu doing the switch.)