June 26th, 2009


Dirty Trio side story :D;

A lot of you said you wanted to see this, so I, being the nice person I am, have written it for you. XD;; This is in the universe of but his no spot currently in the timeline of A Dilemma, Uncertainty, and A Bad Situation. The bit off of which this is based is in that last one, in case you're curious.

Title: Mukahi Gakuto's 10 Easy Steps to Getting Laid

Disclaimer: In Soviet Russia, Konomi is TeniPuri's.

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: BL, language, much talk of sex

Author's Note: This is a side story to the Dirty Trio arc I've been writing. A lot of people commented that they wanted to see Ootori learn to seduce, so I went ahead and wrote it. XD;;; This is really meant to be silly, don't take it too seriously. XD;

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Anime makes the world go 'round

Okay, I know I have to finish Prince of Tennis first. Honestly. I will. I honestly just got curious. So this is my disclaimer before I begin. XD;

Anyway, I got curious and downloaded Axis Powers Hetalia today, and holy motherfucking shit is it random. XD; But the seiyuu kind of make up for it... I mean, Kaida Yuki (Fuji Syuusuke) is China, Takahashi Hiroki (Kikumaru Eiji) is Japan, fucking adorable Namikawa Daisuke (Ootori Choutarou) is Italy (and he uses his baby voice toooooooo in this weird thing about Italy being a baby and all I can imagine is him being like "want to come over and play Hiyoshi-kun? ♥" omfg it's so cute), Konishi Katsuyuki (Kajimoto Takahisa, but that isn't what makes him awesome. XD; He played Soubi in Loveless. I'm just pointing out that like every seiyuu ever is in TeniPuri XD;), Paku Romi, and Kugimiya Rie (who is unfortunately playing a girl. I love her pre-pubescent boy voice. XD;)

So uh... I think I'm going to watch it after Prince of Tennis. The episodes are like 5 minutes long, so. XD;

[EDIT] I forgot Onosaka Masaya (Momo), who plays France. Silly, since Momo is on the less gay side of TeniPuri and France is super gay... XD;
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