July 4th, 2009


I'm a lame-o

So I did all those memes that yomimashou did. XD;;;

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Well, that amused me for like five minutes. XD;

In other news, I went to the aquarium today with my family and it was fun... I felt like Golden Pair, looking at all the fishes. Also, I saw my one true love, horseshoe crabs ♥



It's the fic you've all been dreading waiting for! No, not the next chapter of either of my continuing fics... shut up. XD;; This is the m-preg that I've been working on for weeks now! I finally actually did get it done! Yay! So, uh... if you so choose to read this, please don't be scarred for life and enjoy!

LJ was a bitch and wouldn't let me post it in one post (shit, that's the first time for something I've written myself! This is fucking long, jesus) so there's a link to part two at the bottom of the page. It's not supposed to be split up, but it hast to be, alas. ♥

Title: Unexpected Happiness

Disclaimer: Konomi might axe murder me for this, but they're still his characters

Pairing: Golden Pair, implied others

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: M-PREG. Yes, this fic is about m-preg. You have been warned. Aside from that, BL, talk of sex (because that's where babies come from ♥), language, general gayety. Um... and it requires general suspension of your disbelief, because... m-preg, guys.

Author's Note: Okay, so I'm a horrible, terrible person, but I enjoyed every second of this and I'm not promising to stop, either. I FEEL NO SHAME!! Er... that being said, this is all yomimashou's fault. Enjoy!

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