July 19th, 2009


Otakon 2009!


I'm back from Otakon~ Whenever I get the pictures, there shall be a con report and posts of our shoots and whatnot else, but for now I'll just rant and rave about HOW FUCKING AWESOME it was.

Because the TeniPuri gathering. Was the best thing. Fucking ever.

I met so many awesome people (from whom I am currently suffering separation anxiety or something TT___TT;;) and we did a wonderful shoot with crack pairings (expect EVERYONE paired with EVERYONE, because that's pretty much what we did) and it was just amazing.

And I bought so awesome things, including 20.5 and 30.5!! Now just to get my hands on 40.5...

Oh, and britkit27 is here. ♥

Also, to onewhomust, genicheerios, jackalackala, digital_blitz: Do you want me to zip the pictures up and put them on sendspace or something of the like? As soon as I get them, I can do so... otherwise, I'll just post them all on my lj, but I figured rather than downloading them all individually, you might like an easy zip file, as well. ♥

[EDIT] Here you can download the pictures from our Prince of Tennis shoots at Otakon! Expect con reports in the future, but for right now... you can download these shots and lol at our ridiculousness. XD;;;