August 14th, 2009


DL6 icons~!

Basically, DL6 was too lovely not to icon! I didn't have anyone to take caps for me, so, naturally, I ended up only doing a few. But I hope they're pretty nonetheless! I chose most of my favourite moments aesthetically to make icons out of~

Please enjoy~

[15] Dream Live 6th
[2] Luke. C
[1] Hamao Kyousuke
[1] Hamao Kyousuke & Toyoda Yuuya
[1] Furukawa Yuuta
[1] Sakamoto Shougo
[7] Sakamoto Shougo & Kubota Yuki
[1] Uehara Takuya & Hisanori Satou

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I'm gonna miss these guys. ;___;
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I got my bangs cut today. I told her to cut them a little shorter because I'm going back to school and I don't want to have stalker bangs right away, so... yeah. However, I'm not sure how I feel about the outcome. XD;

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I look like Spock y/y?

I other news, not-really hiatus; off to Chicago tomorrow to visit relatives. I'll have crap tons of free time, so... it's more like a reverse hiatus. XD; Expect lots of spamming the flists in the near future. XD;;;;