August 16th, 2009



Today I iced a cake! I'm not much of a baker (my grandmother baked it ♥) but I like to decorate cakes a lot~ I think I'm getting fairly decent at it, for like, a complete amateur (I want to learn fondant, but alas, I don't have that kind of time or money... XD;). Usually, I decorate a cake for my little cousin's birthday, but it's already passed, so there's no occasion... hence the really random cake decoration. XD; Also, my little sister only bought two colours of icing, so it's like... a Mizuki cake or something. XD;

Anyway! I know you all don't really care, so... on to the photos. XD;

Collapse )

Hopefully it will be delicious, too~

... I haven't been doing much of anything for the past few days. I ought to be writing fic... I have like 1 paragraph of the next dirty trio installment sitting on my desktop... haha... productivity...

Maybe I'll watch Dream Live Sixth again. Or maybe I'll watch Progressive Match again. I abuse that poor musical. XD;
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