August 27th, 2009


Tenipuri meets Twilight...

suteki ni kiss (4:06:04 PM): It seems like Ryoma goes to be early and wakes up late, and Tezuka goes to bed late and gets up early XD
suteki ni kiss (4:06:07 PM): how does that work?
alchemist1910 (4:06:17 PM): I have no idea
alchemist1910 (4:07:10 PM): XD
suteki ni kiss (4:08:21 PM): xD; he secretly sucks the energy out of ryoma. he's a vampire.
alchemist1910 (4:08:41 PM): as long as he doesn't sparkle like Edward Cullen, that's fine
suteki ni kiss (4:10:50 PM): edward cullen!Tez makes me laugh extremely hard.
alchemist1910 (4:11:11 PM): *shakes head* just no
suteki ni kiss (4:11:13 PM): is he going to knock Ryoma up and then make him a vampire, too? XD;;
alchemist1910 (4:11:37 PM): sure, why the hell not?
alchemist1910 (4:11:48 PM): just can't let the kid be named something retarded
suteki ni kiss (4:12:05 PM): I forget what the kid's name was. My sister is obsessed with those books -____-
alchemist1910 (4:12:10 PM): renesmee
suteki ni kiss (4:12:21 PM): wtf kind of name is that?
alchemist1910 (4:12:30 PM): i've never read them... I HAVE NO IDEA
suteki ni kiss (4:12:47 PM): I haven't either... they scare me. XD;
alchemist1910 (4:13:05 PM): me too...