September 4th, 2009


This is a post. (A what? A post!)

Brownie points to anyone who gets the reference in the title. XD;

So, about how I've totally neglected this journal in favour of my RP journals. Hahahaha. Sorry about that...

So, I made it to school alive! I have pictures of my room to post, but I still have to upload them... there's really no good angle to take pictures of my room from, so they're all kind of weird and I mostly wanted to show off my amazing walls of gay tennis boys... XD;;; But those will be up soon, I promise.

As for classes... Eh. I'm happy with all the dance I'm doing (assuming I get into Modern Ensemble...) and I'm looking forward to attempting to set Black Sheep on some people for the Fall student dance concert. I'm supposed to be meeting with Linda and Mady in an hour to talk about the major... so wish me luck~

Japanese is really :/ I don't like the new sensei at all-- she's kind of unreasonable. She refuses to teach the grammar in class, only drills us, and if someone doesn't get something right away, she'll jump on to the next person without giving them a minute to think, which doesn't exactly give my confidence a boost (and will likely make the people who freeze up freeze up even worse next time). She's given us homework with kanji we've never learned without furigana-- that is, there's no way to look it up because we have no idea how it's pronounced. Basically, every time I think it might be okay, she goes and does something that just makes it all worse again.

I'm not particularly happy with my art class either; I'm not very good at figure drawing and I don't think I'll be able to pick it up particularly well. At the moment, I'm tentatively a printmaking concentration, so it's not really a big deal, thank goodness. Basically, I just get really frustrated. I'm going to Pearl sometime this weekend to get supplies, hopefully...

In some better news, I met a girl in Japanese who's seen parts of TeniPuri before~ I'm going to show her more tomorrow... I don't think she particularly likes slash, but I'm going to try to convince her. Maybe I can get her to watch a Myu or two... ^^; Hee. Basically, I'm really excited I found someone else who likes Prince of Tennis!

I went home yesterday to teach some classes for Scary Mary and brought a lot of stuff back with me... I have more shelves now, yay~ Maybe I should take more pictures...

Also, tonight is parade night! I'm super excited. I need to get some water balloons...

Lastly, but not leastly, I invested in some charamates! I'm so excited. I hope they ship soon~ I got Kite, Rin, and Ryoma for myself, and then gifts for chiachiaamichan and yomimashou~ I'm more excited about this than I should be XD;


Also, this video is really cute. Even if I'm not so in love with 5th cast.