September 13th, 2009


Musical music

So, apparently my download of the Imperial Presence soundtrack didn't come with "Versus VS" in it. It skips straight from "03 - The Top" to "05 - Pokerface Fighter ~ Active Volcano." I'm... not sure why, but I kind of want Versus VS. Does anyone have the Tokyo Finale version in their iTunes? Or even the 4A version would be fine, since Higa sings a lot of Versus VS... and I don't hate Kubota. It's just really weird that I don't have it.

Also, I've noticed how myu songs that I hate the first time I hear them really grow on me a lot. I've started liking Ore-Tachi no Jisho ni Haiboku wa Nai. XD;;; And Pokerface Fighter/Active Volcano has grown on me. As have a lot of songs I didn't used to like. Goddamn. XD;;;

Ugh......... Homework. And job applications. Yuck. Hopefully my charamates will be in tomorrow, though!!!

[EDIT] This conversation made me lol:

Kayla: *looks at my desktop* Is that like... a child?! Is that guy a pedo?

Me:, that guy's not a pedo. They're two years apart in age. The short one's just short.

Kayla: How old is he?!

Me: ... the short one's twelve and the tall one's fourteen.

Kayla: ..............

... XD;;; Oh Prince of Tennis...